香川県の伝統工芸品 保多織(ぼたおり)

保多織(ぼたおり)が辿った道 The history of BOTA-ORI

BOTA-ORI was first crafted by textile maker Kitagawa Iehei-tsuneyoshi by order of the first Takamastu lord, Matsudaira Yorishige.
The fabric was named 保"Bo"(holds) 多"Ta"(many) 織"Ori"(weaves) after its long-lasting durability.
First presented as an offering to the shogunate, BOTA-ORI's unique textile process remained a carefully guarded secret of the Takamatsu domain.


香川県の伝統工芸品 保多織(ぼたおり)をつかったオリジナルブランド「ツムギ」

保多織(ぼたおり)の心地よさ BOTA-ORI means COMFORT

BOTA-ORI features a unique “waffle-like” appearance, with three rows in plain weave, followed by a fourth floating thread weaved onto the texture.

This slight imbalance gives the fabric an extra "fluffiness" that allows for airflow, keeping it cool in the summer while feeling warm and gentle on the skin in the winter.

保多織(ぼたおり)と瀬戸内 BOTA-ORI and the Setouchi Islands

BOTA-ORI fabric has a high water absorption rate with the ability to dry quickly. This makes it perfectly suited for life on the Setouchi Islands, which is known for the high temperatures, humidity and occasional rain that one experiences in the Kagawa prefecture.

Try BOTA-ORI and feel the difference on your skin!